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Board Meeting Notifications

Date : 27/05/2020

The following table is a consolidated list of board meeting dates
announced by listed issuers. This list may not be exhaustive
and is for reference only. You should always refer to the
announcements issued by listed issuers. To search for
announcements and corporate communications issued by listed
issuers, please use the following link:

Note: Entries will be removed after the board meeting date.

BM DateStock Short Name CodePurposePeriod
28/05/2020GLOBAL TOKEN 8192FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/19
29/05/2020EVERSHINE GP 8022FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/19
29/05/2020NW INDUSTRY 8258FIN RESY.E.31/12/19
29/05/2020POWERLEADER 8236FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/19
04/06/2020ZIONCOM 8287FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/12/19
08/06/2020IWS GROUP 8441FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/20
08/06/2020OCEAN ONE HLDG 8476FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/20
09/06/2020TAK LEE MACH 8142RESULTS/DIV9-MTH-ENDED30/04/20
12/06/2020NOVACON TECH 8635FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/20
19/06/2020CHI ENGY HOLD 8009FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/20
22/06/2020ECHO INT HOLD 8218FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/20
29/06/2020GREAT WORLD 8003FIN RES/DIVY.E.31/03/20
30/06/2020CRMI 8158FIN RESY.E.31/12/19