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Updated: 31 December 2018

Year: 2018

Date of First Posting



2018-12-31 Central Illuminazione Holdings Limited Rejected
2018-12-28 Community Health Holdings Limited Active
2018-12-21 Marine International Holdings Limited Active
2018-12-11 Dominate Group Holdings Company Limited Active
2018-12-11 IWS Group Holdings Limited Active
2018-12-10 Novacon Technology Group Limited Active
2018-12-10 Sun Kong Holdings Limited Listed
2018-11-30 Sure-Care Medical and Health Limited Active
2018-11-28 Huakang Biomedical Holdings Company Limited Listed
2018-11-20 Fuk Yuen Holdings Limited Active
2018-11-09 eBroker Group Limited Listed
2018-10-15 Firmstone Holdings Limited Active
2018-10-05 Nomad Technologies Holdings Limited Active
2018-10-02 Enrich Construction Holdings Limited Active
2018-10-02 Hon Corporation Limited Listed
2018-10-02 Mirage Industries Holdings Ltd. Active
2018-10-02 TPSC Asia Group Holding Limited Active
2018-09-28 BeGreen Holdings Limited Withdrawn
2018-09-26 Beyond Korea Holdings Company Limited Active
2018-09-26 Metropolis Capital Holdings Limited Listed
2018-09-26 Mindtell Technology Limited Listed
2018-09-24 MTC Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-09-11 WOW Restaurant Group Limited Lapsed
2018-09-03 China Global Lines Group Limited Active
2018-09-03 China Land Group Company Limited Lapsed
2018-08-30 Tasty Concepts Holding Limited Listed
2018-08-30 Yang Cheng Intelligent Machine Component Manufacturing Limited Withdrawn
2018-08-28 Global Development Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-08-28 Narnia (Hong Kong) Group Company Limited Listed
2018-08-20 Oriental Payment Group Holdings Limited Listed
2018-08-17 Infinity Global Corporation Limited Lapsed
2018-08-14 KOS International Holdings Limited Listed
2018-08-13 Mastermind Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-08-10 Aqina International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-08-07 Bear Bright Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-08-02 Pesko Group Limited Lapsed
2018-08-01 Lazurite Investment Holdings Company Limited Lapsed
2018-08-01 Maya Resources Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-07-31 Grand Power Logistics Group Limited Lapsed
2018-07-31 Orange Tour Cultural Holding Limited Lapsed
2018-07-27 Grand Talents Group Holdings Limited Listed
2018-07-26 Antaba Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-07-26 Sheen Wa Holdings Company Limited Lapsed
2018-07-24 Smart Wealth Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-07-17 Asia-express Logistics Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-07-11 Fudesheng Financial Group Company Limited Lapsed
2018-07-09 Optima Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-07-06 Harmony Finance Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-07-04 China Nonferrous Metals Company Limited Lapsed
2018-07-03 AGX Group Limited Lapsed
2018-07-03 Goldfield Group Limited Active
2018-07-03 Hip Sing Holdings Limited Withdrawn
2018-07-03 Union Asia Enterprise Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-07-03 WAC Holdings Limited Listed
2018-06-29 YSS International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-06-28 Hoy San International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-06-26 YST Group Limited Lapsed
2018-06-25 DLC Asia Limited Listed
2018-06-25 Singapore Kitchen Equipment Limited Lapsed
2018-06-25 Wan Leader International Limited Listed
2018-06-20 Central Illuminazione Holdings Limited Active
2018-06-15 Fameglow Holdings Limited Listed
2018-06-15 Reliance Services Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-06-14 WSK Group (Holding) Company Limited Lapsed
2018-06-12 Chun Hung Civil Engineering Holdings Limited Rejected
2018-06-11 Man Kee Industrial Holdings Limited Rejected
2018-06-07 Viewgood Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-06-04 IWS Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-06-04 Novacon Technology Group Limited Lapsed
2018-06-01 Sun Kong Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-05-24 Hotel Benito Holdings Limited Rejected
2018-05-24 People Impact Global Village Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-05-24 TradeGo FinTech Limited Listed
2018-05-17 Tong Kee (Holding) Limited Listed
2018-05-08 Victory Securities (Holdings) Company Limited Listed
2018-05-07 Boltek Holdings Limited Listed
2018-05-03 Dowway Holdings Limited Listed
2018-04-27 Hong Win International Group Holdings Limited Rejected
2018-04-25 BOSA Technology Holdings Limited Listed
2018-04-25 Time Able Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-04-16 Dominate Group Holdings Company Limited Lapsed
2018-04-13 Optumus Group Limited Active
2018-04-13 ST International Holdings Company Limited Listed
2018-04-10 Firmstone Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-04-09 Niche-Tech Group Limited Listed
2018-04-06 Hyfusin Group Holdings Limited Listed
2018-04-03 Elegance Commercial and Financial Printing Group Limited Listed
2018-03-29 Hon Corporation Limited Lapsed
2018-03-28 Grace Wine Holdings Limited Listed
2018-03-28 K & V Holdings Limited Rejected
2018-03-22 Bao Shen Holdings Limited Listed
2018-03-22 Baysis Development Limited Lapsed
2018-03-22 Kingsley Edugroup Limited Listed
2018-03-22 Mindtell Technology Limited Lapsed
2018-03-20 Eggriculture Foods Ltd. Listed
2018-03-19 Metropolis Capital Holdings Limited Active
2018-03-05 Stream Ideas Group Limited Listed
2018-03-01 Hong Kong Fook Tai Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-03-01 JLogo Holdings Limited Listed
2018-02-28 Hanvey Group Holdings Limited Listed
2018-02-27 Byleasing Holdings Limited Listed
2018-02-27 Kinetix Systems Holdings Limited Listed
2018-02-15 eBroker Group Limited Lapsed
2018-02-15 K Group Holdings Limited Listed
2018-02-15 Oriental Payment Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-02-15 Pacific Legend Group Limited Listed
2018-02-14 KOS International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-02-14 Republic Healthcare Limited Listed
2018-02-13 Dangdai Hengju International Inc. Lapsed
2018-02-12 Vision International Holdings Limited Listed
2018-02-09 Coastal Corporation Limited Lapsed
2018-02-06 Aqina International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-02-05 Bear Bright Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-02-05 TPSC Asia Group Holding Limited Lapsed
2018-02-02 Mastermind Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-02-02 TL Natural Gas Holdings Limited Listed
2018-02-01 Speedy Finance Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-01-31 Simplicity Holding Limited Listed
2018-01-26 Sheung Moon Holdings Limited Listed
2018-01-25 Mi Ming Mart Holdings Limited Listed
2018-01-24 Salion Food Condiment Company Limited Lapsed
2018-01-19 Vistar Holdings Limited Listed
2018-01-18 Grand Talents Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2018-01-16 Anchor Star Holdings Limited Rejected
2018-01-15 Max Sight Group Holdings Limited Listed
2018-01-12 EDICO Holdings Limited Listed
2018-01-09 DCB Holdings Limited Listed
2018-01-02 Harmony Finance Group Holdings Limited Lapsed