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Updated: 30 December 2016

Year: 2016

Date of First Posting



2016-12-29 Tree Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-12-28 Morning Light Group International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-12-23 Soar Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-12-20 Edvance International Holdings Limited Listed
2016-12-19 SK Target Group Limited Lapsed
2016-12-14 Cheong Yun Holdings Limited Withdrawn
2016-12-14 Somerley Capital Holdings Limited Listed
2016-12-06 Lai Group Holding Company Limited Listed
2016-12-05 Hong Kong Fook Tai Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-12-02 WINDMILL Group Limited Listed
2016-11-29 In Technical Productions Holdings Limited Listed
2016-11-28 Zhi Sheng Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-11-23 Gudou Holdings Limited Listed
2016-11-21 Omnibridge Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-11-18 Chi Ho Development Holdings Limited Listed
2016-11-18 GME Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-11-16 Wan Cheng Metal Packaging Company Limited Lapsed
2016-11-15 Fit Boxx Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-11-11 Asia Grocery Distribution Limited Listed
2016-11-03 KNK Holdings Limited Listed
2016-11-01 Alpha Era International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-11-01 Impact Global Holdings (Cayman) Company Limited Rejected
2016-11-01 Shenglong Splendecor International Limited Lapsed
2016-10-26 Sun Cheong Creative Development Holdings Limited Withdrawn
2016-10-24 CBK Holdings Limited Listed
2016-10-24 Man Shing Global Holdings Limited Listed
2016-10-24 Transtech Optelecom Science Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-10-20 United Contractors Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-10-14 ECI Technology Holdings Limited Listed
2016-10-13 Basetrophy Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-10-13 Sing On Holdings Limited Listed
2016-10-12 Coastal Corporation Limited Lapsed
2016-10-11 Nexion Technologies Limited Lapsed
2016-10-05 Luk Hing Entertainment Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-10-04 Chuangsheng Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-10-03 AFG International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-09-30 Bar Pacific Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-09-27 Tak Lee Machinery Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-09-26 CCBA International Holdings Limited Withdrawn
2016-09-23 Lumina Group Limited Lapsed
2016-09-21 HM International Holdings Limited Listed
2016-09-19 China Singyes New Materials Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-09-19 FY Financial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Lapsed
2016-09-19 Xin Dau Ji Holdings Limited Rejected
2016-09-15 eBroker Group Limited Rejected
2016-09-15 F8 Enterprises (Holdings) Group Limited Lapsed
2016-09-15 Miricor Enterprises Holdings Limited Listed
2016-09-15 Wincy Education Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-09-14 K W Nelson Interior Architect Group Limited Listed
2016-09-14 PF Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-09-13 LKS Holding Group Limited Listed
2016-09-12 Win Global Enterprises Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-09-09 Bortex Global Limited Lapsed
2016-09-07 Alpine Group Limited Rejected
2016-09-07 COCCI International Limited Lapsed
2016-09-02 Swift Express Holding Limited Lapsed
2016-09-01 BCI Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-09-01 City Services Group Limited Lapsed
2016-09-01 Genes Tech Group Holdings Company Limited Lapsed
2016-08-31 ASN Group Limited Lapsed
2016-08-30 SG Group Holdings Limited Listed
2016-08-29 XiangXing International Holding Limited Lapsed
2016-08-23 Anacle Systems Limited Listed
2016-08-23 OOH HOLDINGS LIMITED Listed
2016-08-22 Yangzhou Guangling District Taihe Rural Micro-finance Company Limited Lapsed
2016-08-16 Vixtel Technologies Holdings Limited Listed
2016-07-27 Dadi Education Holdings Limited Listed
2016-07-25 Freeway Credit Company Limited Lapsed
2016-07-22 New Headline Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-07-20 Goldway Education Group Limited Listed
2016-07-20 My Heart Bodibra Group Limited Lapsed
2016-07-11 VBG International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-07-11 WWPKG Holdings Company Limited Listed
2016-07-08 Speed Apparel Holding Limited Lapsed
2016-07-05 Perpetual Power Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-07-04 LTB Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-06-30 Xin Dau Ji Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-06-30 Xun Hung Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-06-29 Aeso Holding Limited Listed
2016-06-29 Goal Forward Holdings Limited Listed
2016-06-29 Hao Bai International (Cayman) Limited Lapsed
2016-06-28 MEIGU Technology Holding Group Limited Listed
2016-06-27 Hing Ming Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-06-27 Tai Kam Holdings Limited Listed
2016-06-27 Winson Holdings Hong Kong Limited Lapsed
2016-06-24 EFT Solutions Holdings Limited Listed
2016-06-23 HongGuang Lighting Holdings Company Limited Listed
2016-06-22 GenNex Holdings Limited Rejected
2016-06-22 Raytrons Technologies Limited Lapsed
2016-06-21 Hui's Finance Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-06-20 Kwong Man Kee Group Limited Listed
2016-06-17 Nuada Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-06-17 Royal Catering Group Holdings Company Limited Listed
2016-06-15 Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited Listed
2016-06-10 China Industrial Securities International Financial Group Limited Listed
2016-06-01 Hong Kong Fook Tai Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-06-01 Somerley Capital Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-05-31 Lai Group Holding Company Limited Lapsed
2016-05-31 NTG International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-05-30 CMON Limited Listed
2016-05-25 Zhi Sheng Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-05-23 Gudou Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-05-18 Xinyi Automobile Glass Hong Kong Enterprises Limited Listed
2016-05-18 Zheng Li Holdings Limited Listed
2016-05-12 Wan Cheng Metal Packaging Company Limited Lapsed
2016-05-03 KNK Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-04-27 GME Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-04-27 Janco Holdings Limited Listed
2016-04-25 Victoria Peak Company Limited Rejected
2016-04-21 Altus Holdings Limited Listed
2016-04-20 Fit Boxx Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-04-18 China Golden Classic Group Limited Listed
2016-04-18 Ever Smart International Holdings Limited Listed
2016-04-08 Head & Shoulders Financial Group Limited Lapsed
2016-04-07 Toyoplas Group Holdings Inc. Lapsed
2016-04-01 Li Bao Ge Group Limited Listed
2016-03-31 Chuangsheng Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-03-31 EAB Corporation Rejected
2016-03-31 PFC Device. Inc. Listed
2016-03-31 Sing On Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-03-29 Dining Concepts Holdings Limited Listed
2016-03-23 Worldgate Global Logistics Ltd Listed
2016-03-22 Future Data Group Limited Listed
2016-03-21 CCBA International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-03-18 China Digital Video Holdings Limited Listed
2016-03-15 AL Group Limited Listed
2016-03-15 Alpha Era International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-03-14 Luk Hing Entertainment Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-03-10 Asia Infrastructures & Utilities Development Limited Lapsed
2016-03-09 FCS Nelson Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-03-07 ASD International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-03-03 Classified Group (Holdings) Limited Listed
2016-03-01 PF Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-02-26 Astrum Financial Holdings Limited Listed
2016-02-25 Alpine Group Limited Lapsed
2016-02-05 Clarity Medical Group Limited Lapsed
2016-02-05 Jia Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-01-27 Dadi Education Holdings Limited Lapsed
2016-01-18 SingAsia Holdings Limited Listed
2016-01-18 TEM Holdings Limited Listed
2016-01-14 A.Plus Group Holdings Limited Listed