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Updated: 29 December 2015

Year: 2015

Date of First Posting



2015-12-23 Super Strong Holdings Limited Listed
2015-12-22 Ching Lee Holdings Limited Listed
2015-12-22 Standard (Chan’s) Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-12-21 Expert Systems Holdings Limited Listed
2015-12-17 Royal Catering Group Holdings Company Limited Lapsed
2015-12-17 Xinyi Automobile Glass Hong Kong Enterprises Limited Rejected
2015-12-10 Freeway Credit Company Limited Lapsed
2015-12-07 Great Water Holdings Limited Listed
2015-12-04 Raytrons Technologies Limited Lapsed
2015-12-02 Goldway Education Group Limited Lapsed
2015-12-01 MediNet Group Limited Listed
2015-11-24 Luen Wong Group Holdings Limited Listed
2015-11-16 MIDI Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-11-10 Hypebeast Limited Listed
2015-11-06 Chit Fai Public Transport Holding Company Limited Withdrawn
2015-10-26 Speedy Logistics Group Limited Lapsed
2015-10-23 Fire Rock Holdings Limited Listed
2015-10-23 Gudou Holdings Limited (formerly: Gudou International Holdings Limited) Lapsed
2015-10-19 RaffAello Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-10-16 Ever Smart International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-10-14 LE Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-10-13 Hi-Level Technology Holdings Limited Listed
2015-10-09 Gameone Holdings Limited Listed
2015-10-08 Toyoplas Group Holdings Inc. Lapsed
2015-10-05 Keen Ocean International Holding Limited Listed
2015-09-30 VMS Securities Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-09-29 Dining Concepts Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-09-29 Golden Classic Biotechnology Group Limited Lapsed
2015-09-29 KNK Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-09-29 Victoria Peak Company Limited Lapsed
2015-09-25 Li Bao Ge Group Limited Lapsed
2015-09-24 Feishang Non-metal Materials Technology Limited Listed
2015-09-11 World-Link Logistics (Asia) Holding Limited Listed
2015-09-07 China Candy Holdings Limited Listed
2015-09-07 China Digital Video Limited Lapsed
2015-09-04 On Real International Holdings Limited Listed
2015-09-01 ASD International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-08-19 Fordjoy Holdings Company Limited Lapsed
2015-08-18 Bridge Partners Holdings Limited Withdrawn
2015-07-31 CMON Limited Withdrawn
2015-07-20 Clarity Medical Group Limited Lapsed
2015-07-17 KPa-BM Holdings Limited Listed
2015-07-13 A.Plus Group Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-07-07 Thelloy Development Group Limited Listed
2015-07-02 China Yu Tian Holdings Limited Listed
2015-06-25 Season Pacific Holdings Limited Listed
2015-06-25 Top Dynamic International Holdings Limited Listed
2015-06-22 Fraser Holdings Limited Listed
2015-06-22 REF Holdings Limited Listed
2015-06-15 Ahsay Backup Software Development Company Limited Listed
2015-06-15 ATQUEX International (Holdings) Limited Lapsed
2015-06-10 Madison Wine Holdings Limited Listed
2015-06-08 Lap Kei Engineering (Holdings) Limited Listed
2015-06-05 Great Water Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-06-05 Tak Wan Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-06-01 FDB Holdings Limited Listed
2015-06-01 Me2on CO., LTD Lapsed
2015-06-01 Rich Construction Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-05-21 Creative China Holdings Limited Listed
2015-04-29 Chit Fai Public Transport Holding Company Limited Lapsed
2015-04-24 Speedy Logistics Group Limited Lapsed
2015-04-23 Gudou International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-04-21 Freeway Credit Company Limited Lapsed
2015-04-20 Pak Wing Group (Holdings) Limited Listed
2015-04-17 Fire Rock Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-04-13 HKSP Holdings Limited Rejected
2015-04-13 KPM Holding Limited Listed
2015-04-09 Jete Power Holdings Limited Listed
2015-03-31 Golden Power Group Holdings Limited Listed
2015-03-30 Pak Wing Group (Holdings) Limited Withdrawn
2015-03-27 Keen Ocean International Holding Limited Lapsed
2015-03-25 Astrum Financial Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-03-23 CIS Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-03-23 i-Control Holdings Limited Listed
2015-03-02 Advanced Research International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-02-26 On Real International Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-02-17 China Candy Holdings Limited Lapsed
2015-02-17 China Parenting Network Holdings Limited Listed
2015-02-17 Pinestone Capital Limited Listed
2015-02-12 Kwan On Holdings Limited Listed
2015-02-02 Guru Online (Holdings) Limited Listed
2015-01-02 Steed Oriental (Holdings) Company Limited Listed